Tips To Choose Right Instagram Picture

Do you know what’s true about pictures? They reflect you! And when it comes to Instagram what exactly reflects you is your profile picture. That’s the first thing any other user would see of your content. That’s the way people recognize it’s you and those who don’t know you get an impression of you. Especially if you are running a business profile on Instagram. People acknowledge you looking at your profile picture. They know about you and your brand through your Instagram profile picture. Hence it becomes of utmost importance to choose a suitable profile picture for your account whether personal or business.

If you want to make sure you’re nailing the shot, then here are some tips and tricks from Instazoom on choosing the perfect profile picture for your Instagram account to turn heads and grab attention:

Showcase your face or brand logo on the profile picture:

The profile picture is what people see of you first. If you have a business running through Instagram that’s what people are seeing about you first. Make sure you set your brand logo as your profile picture. This helps in long-term brand recognition and introduces people to your brand. It leaves a positive impression on you. On the other hand, if you want to advance your account make sure your face is the profile picture for people to recognize you or be interested in following you.

Choose a flattering background:

If you have a headshot or logo as your profile picture make sure you choose the perfect background that highlights and enhances your front picture, rather than over-powering it or decreasing its attractiveness. If you want to draw a balance between helping you stand out amidst the crowd then choose a background that is the bold color or a feature wall, with complimenting colors. Make sure your background does not subdue your main picture.

Find a perfect source of light:

Who likes seeing dull pictures, or pictures that aren’t clear. This really is a thumbs down when it comes to profile pictures. Make sure your profile picture is perfectly lit and bright. Everything should be visible clearly. Make sure to do not provide too much light exposure and also it should not be dark or dull. Try keeping the light source at a distance and angle from where it provides just the right amount of light try using natural daylight as it is the one thing that is sure to provide the perfect amount of light.

Crop your picture to perfect size:

Instagram has a standard size for profile pictures. Hence when you put up a profile picture, it’s really difficult to fit one in that as you need to either crop some of the good parts or they fall out. For this purpose, Instagram has provided a size that is 110 x 110 pixels. Make sure before you upload your profile picture you make it into this size so that nothing falls out.

Get your Instagram to profile picture aesthetic right:

The Instagram aesthetic is essential. Click your profile picture using a high-quality camera and edit it just like any of your other pictures in the grid. Make sure your grid and profile picture goes in the same tone. Stick to a color palette so that all your images compliment each other.