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Search and View Instagram Profile Picture in Full HD Quality

About Instagram

One platform that has everyone hooked is Instagram. Who isn’t obsessed with scrolling through entertaining content now and then. A social networking website designed to share photos and videos of moments that we cherish. Designed and developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger on April, 2012, this app has received a huge number of users. Instagram attracts its users through visual media being shared. Instagram was solely designed to allow users to share images and videos, with an additional DM feature for sending texts. Instagram has now turned into a tool not only for individuals but also for users.

Restrictions on Viewing Instadp

Instagram is all fun, but have you ever tried to zoom on someone’s profile picture just because you can’t open it in full view? With all the features Instagram offers, the site is restricted on this crucial detail the minuscule profile picture. This was done to maintain user’s privacy. The restriction on opening DP in full view by other, allow user to restrict their content and set even DP as private to limit the access people have over their data. But with Instazoom, you can resolve this issue and view anyone’s dp in full view and high quality. Instazoom enables you to download and view anyone's dp in its actual size. Instazoom allows you clear view of the person’s profile picture so that you can recognize the person before accepting their follow requests.


How To Use Instazoom

Instazoom is an online tool to download and view profile pictures of any user. It is very easy to use:

  1. Open Instazoom Website.
  2. From Instagram copy the username of the user whose profile picture you are interested in viewing and downloading.
  3. Now paste this user name on Instazoom website.
  4. You get a clear profile picture and all the photos that one has uploaded. In the actual size and high quality.

Instazoom is a free to use tool. Using this tool you can view picture and profile picture’s of any public or private account. Below we have mentioned some of the features of Instazoom.

Use Instazoom to find accounts:

Instazoom enables you to download and view profile picture in full size. This feature has proved to be very useful when it come to searching down your near and dear ones. When you are able to open someone’s profile picture, you can easily recognize if he/she is your known relative or friend or not.

Track unidentifiable accounts by Insta DP viewer:

We all have come across situations where we have received follow requests from unknown people. Insta DP viewer allows you to recognize such people and confer whether you know them or not. This helps you filter out accounts that are unidentifiable and stay safe.

Helps in protecting your account from fake id’s:

When you are able to filter out fake accounts through Instazoom’s profile picture viewing feature, you can safeguard all your content from being visible to unknown threats and stalkers.

Download profile pictures using Instazoom:

When it’s someone’s birthday all we struggle at is collecting pictures, and what would be easier than just downloading someone’s profile picture and using that. Instazoom allows you to do that easily. now use Instazoom to download profile pictures and use them for later use.

This product uses the Instagram API but is not endorsed or certified by Instagram.